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Baggs comes down with a case of the dumbz

August 19, 2012

Baggs used to be so good, now… Well not so much. The latest example:

You could make up a nice spreadsheet and compare Posey to McCutchen in every statistical category. I’m sure McCutchen’s WAR is just dandy.

This is something that I would expect from a Hank Schulman who purposely says stupid things to try to get people pissed off. I used to think more highly of Andrew Baggarly but after this season it seems like he is a completely different type of beat writer.

It feels like he would fit right in with a host on Fox News, pandering to the idiots and delving into the more tabloid style writing.

Unfortunately there is more stupidity:

It would say that Posey’s impact is undeniable. And his value is inestimable.

The worst part of this quote is that he just went through the first part of the column trying to build up an estimate of what Posey has meant to this team. Also on its head this is just a dumb statement, by making a case for Posey over the other MVP cases he is by default trying to estimate his value in comparison to other players.

You can try to use things like narratives, you can you counting stats, or you can use advanced stats but no matter what you do when you compare players is try to estimate there value.


Hat tip to a mysterious Arias Fan club member on twitter.

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