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Bruce Bochy Logic

July 25, 2012

You have a struggling member of your team, let’s call him Brendan.

Brendan is a talented employee but at he is young and is still learning. He makes some mistakes at times but not really anymore than other new employees, he has areas that still need improvement but there are other spots where he really excels. You take a look at his performance review from last year and see that using your companies measurements he was probably better than 50 to 60 percent of all your other employees.

This year he has had the same growing pains and you think that he might be getting down on himself, doubting his abilities. So what do you do as a manager of this employee Brendan?

I know let’s send a mass email talking about how Brendan is messed up in the head and that he needs to just stop being a Nancy Boy and man up. While you are composing your email you accidentally send it to not just the entire company but the entire metropolitan area (this stuff happens all the time, just ask Aaron Sorkin). Whoops, it doesn’t matter because the more people you tell that you think that he is a loser without confidence the more that the employee will want to prove you wrong.

Nothing could possibly go wrong with this scenario, they should really just teach this in Business School.

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