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Brandon Belt starts = Giants Loss

April 16, 2012

Brandon Belt is a cancer to the Giants chances of winning.

With each start his lack of heart spreads and infects the rest of the brave Giants and slowly saps their grit and determination. His hard headed stubbornness undermines the selfless atmosphere that has been carefully nurtured by veterans like Aubrey Huff and Brian Wilson. Neither of these guys would ever put themselves above the team like Belt seems to do on a regular basis.

If the Giants want to have a shot at winning this year they need to get Brandon Belt out of the clubhouse quickly before his downer attitude and passive plate approach ooze into the pores of the true Giants causing a breakout of whiny strikeout machines with holes in their swings.

It’s time for the true Giants prospect Brett Pill to get his chance. Belt had his chance and the Giants went 0-4 in his starts and are 0 and 5 when he plays. There is no point spending more time on a loser.

It’s time to Free Belt… to pursue other career opportunities.

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