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Opening Weekend Sucked!

April 9, 2012

The Good

Posey – Yes, he made a few mental fielding errors and had a poor AB to end the game on Sunday. But overall he looked like his old self. We’ll see how his body is holding up after a few weeks, but so far so good.

Melky and Pill – It looks like we are going to be getting the 2011 version of Melky Cabrera instead of the feared earlier editions.  Brett Pill hit a PH HR in game 2.  Hopefully he takes away AB’s from Huff instead of Belt in the near future (We all know he will be starting soon).

The Bullpen – 8.2 IP, 2 ER.  Solid as ever.

The Bad

Belt – He is pressing and struggling. He seems to be more aggressive at the plate (Suggested/demanded by Bochy and the Organization). This approach really isn’t working so far. I really hope they stick with him.

The Starting Pitching – Lincecum, Bumgarner and Cain all gave up two HR’s each. It wasn’t a pretty sight, but let’s wait another couple times around the rotation before getting too concerned.

The Ugly

Crawford/Theriot/Burriss – Combined they went 2-21 and Crawford made two brutal errors. Laugh all you want at Willie Bloomquist, but I would feel way more comfortable right now if we had him and Fontenot as the starting middle infielders.

Huff – Pilates aside, he looks like the same player we saw in 2011. He made real nice contact a few times and couldn’t even get the ball to the warning track. I hope Bochy and Sabean learned their lesson last season.

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