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The Eleven Best Things About Being A Giants Fan! #5 – Ashkon

March 13, 2012

In a new feature to commemorate the 2012 season, we will be counting down the eleven best things about being a Giants fan!

#5 . Ashkon

When I ask you: “Who was the driving force behind the 2010 World Series championship?” What would you say?

Posey? no way

Timmy? nah

BWeezy? nope

Matt “Shotgun” Cain? sorry

Boch? keep trying

Renteria? no

Cody Ross “The Boss”? try again

The answer is right here:

The Driving force was Ashkon and his version of “Don’t Stop Believing”. It was the official anthem of the 2010 squad. The song was so great and inspiring  that Aubrey Huff was famously known to blast it in the clubhouse  between beers number three and four following postseason victories. The Giants had something the Braves, Phillies and Rangers didn’t have which gave them an undeniable edge. They had a musical genius and authentic fan backing their team!

By the start of the 2011 season, Ashkon had made it big. He became a quasi member of the CSN Giants team. In between shopping trips with Amy G ( Just a Mom with a Mic!) and sharing the latest Mac Miller hits with Mychael Urban (RIP my brotha, Livermore Library blogging for life), Ashkon was producing “The Authentic Fan” – an outlet where Ashkon created dynamite fan videos and  blogged for CSN Bay Area. While doing all of this heavy lifting, Ashkon managed to give Giants nation another huge hit, “Feelin’ Like a Giant”:

Although “Feelin’ Like a Giant” was another monster hit with the fans and the players, it didn’t quite have the same magic as his previous work provided. Brandon Belt got way too many at bats and Keppinger was acquired a few weeks too late for the Giants to relive the magic they had in 2010.

Ashkon is one of the best things about being a Giants fan not just because he is the #1 fan out there; but because no matter what differences and arguments us Giants fans have ( Republican/Democrat, Coke/Pepsi, Pill/Mays, The Wire/Breaking Bad), we can all agree that the team is in good hands while Ashkon is around.

Ashkon has obviously already made a huge impact in the Bay Area with the 49ers this year. Niners In Paris became a viral phenomenon during their mythical playoff run. What will Ashkon do in the 2012 baseball season to top it:  Another youtube video with over two million views?  Replacing Krukow in the the booth?  Starting as the team’s 2B and hitting a grandslam in the bottom of the 9th to win it all? You never know…Don’t Stop Believing!

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