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The Eleven Best Things About Being A Giants Fan! #9 – The Fist Pump Cam

March 2, 2012

In a new feature to commemorate the 2012 season, we will be counting down the eleven best things about being a Giants fan!

#9 . The Fist Pump Cam

The Fist Pump Cam is one of the best things about being a Giants fan. When it starts, the whole park erupts and brings an amazing new energy to the ballpark. I’ve heard from advanced scouts that the slugging percentage of Nate Schierholtz skyrockets in at bats following the fist pump cam flashing on the big screen between innings.

I’m very proud that the Giants have included such an amazing piece of pop culture like the “Jersey Shore” into AT&T Park. Last summer I brought my cousin Johnny “J-wing” Carmazzi from Lacey, New Jersey to a game and he felt right at home here in San Francisco.

I just hope that the organization continues on with the Fist Pump Cam at AT&T Park so generations and generations of Giants fans can enjoy it.

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  1. CB the DodgerH8ter permalink
    May 17, 2012 1:32 pm

    I gotcha. Sarcasm. Sometimes it is hard to tell.

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