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Don’t Panic, 2012 is going to be awesome

January 30, 2012

I am not sure what is happening but it seems like everywhere you turn there is pessimism in Giants Nation. I can’t quite put my finger on it but somewhere along the way the fans here in the Bay Area have become spoiled children who just don’t understand how good they have it.

People act like last season was a failure but do they not realize how much injuries played into the team falling short of expectations and as we learned from 2010 with this pitching you just need to make the playoffs and then… you never know™.

So let’s take a look at the plan for next season. To get back to the top of the mountain we just need a few things to fall into place and we will be kings of the NL West again.

  1. Buster Posey needs to come back from a horrific injury and play as good or better than he did before the injury.
  2. Freddy Sanchez’s shoulder can’t breakdown (or his knee) and he needs to play 150 games at second base.
  3. Aubrey Huff’s off-season conditioning has to be the reason that he was one of the least valuable players in all of baseball last season and not that he got old and forgot how to hit a baseball.
  4. Ryan Vogelsong has to continue his improbable return from washed up prospect who was mediocre in Japan to All-Star.
  5. Speaking of pitching, we just need one more season of Tim Lincecum, Matt Cain and Madison Bumgarner making 30+ starts. (I mean that’s not too much to ask for pitchers never get hurt right?)
  6. Melky Cabrera needs to show that he 2011 wasn’t a fluke and those 2600 plate appearances of below average hitting are the sample that is really wrong.
  7. Angel Pagan needs to bounce back from his disappointing 2011 to be the true lead off hitter this team needs.
  8. Pablo Sandoval needs to hit like an MVP.
  9. Brandon Crawford hitting needs to resemble a bad hitter in the Major Leagues.
  10. Bruce Bochy needs to play Brandon Belt on a regular basis.

The 2012 Giants just need to make sure that they get everything on this list checked off and 95 wins is assured. I can’t believe people don’t believe that all of these things will happen., such sour pusses.

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